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Give Cycle Space


Cycling Scotland has launched a month-long campaign to urge drivers to give space to people on bikes.





More than a third (34%) of people living in Scotland don’t always leave 1.5 metres when overtaking someone cycling.
Every week in Scotland at least three people cycling suffer serious, life-changing injuries, usually from a collision with a vehicle.
64% of people don’t know they could get three points on their licence for driving too close to someone cycling on Scotland’s roads (a nine per cent improvement since last year).

Some key points to remember when passing people on bikes:

  • Always give at least a car’s width of space (1.5 metres) – this will usually mean crossing into the other lane.
  • If you’re travelling above 30 mph, give more than 1.5 metres space.
  • Wait until you have space and visibility to pass safely.
  • In towns and in slow-moving traffic, consider if there is any benefit to passing, especially if there are lights ahead.

The Give Cycle Space campaign is supported by Police Scotland. Police Scotland is conducting Operation Close Pass in locations across Scotland to educate drivers about giving space.

Cycling benefits our health and happiness - to encourage more people to cycle, we need them to feel safe. Find out more:

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