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Alternative Working Patterns

One of the first things an organisation can consider is whether all its employees need to be in their workplace during traditional office hours. With the exception of jobs where people need to be at their place of work at a certain time, many individuals and businesses could consider flexible working hours.

Commuting tends to be concentrated in the morning peak between 0700 and 0900. In the evening, the peak tends to be between 1600 and 1900.

Could your organisation's employees commute outside peak commuting hours?

The majority of businesses who have made changes successfully do so because they view it as key to their business and make it core to their organisational strategy.

Do people in the organisation have to work full-time on site? Could they (or more of them) work from home and avoid regular commuting on 1, 2 or more days of the week? Home working arrangements are often referred to as teleworking.   

1. Flexible Working Patterns 

2. Code of Practice for Smart Working

3. Teleworking 

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