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Branding Your Travel Plan

Many organisations choose to “brand” their Travel Plan by using a slogan. This gives them a banner under which to take forward their travel planning measures. 



Examples of Travel Plan brands are:

  • “The Way to go”  (Salisbury Transport)
  • “Up and go – choose your move” (South Ayrshire Council)


Some organisations arrange an employee competition to come up with a slogan or motto and award a prize for the winning idea.



Other ways to build brand recognition are to produce literature with a common theme so that all the leaflets and other materials produced are instantly associated with the Travel Plan.



Or why not use the Travelknowhow branded materials?




We have already developed a suite of marketing materials aimed at promoting the benefits of travel planning to both employees and Senior Management. These items cover all the key messages and allow you to adapt the artwork to add your own organisation’s logo and specific contact details if you so wish.



This takes all the hassle and cost out of producing your own designs from scratch.  You can be assured that these materials cover all the key messages and you can select where to direct your employees for further information.  For example, your regional  liftshare scheme or specific  travel information site for your region of Scotland.

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