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Business Travel

Business travel is often necessary but it is important that organisations challenge themselves on the need, frequency and mode of travel.

From a sustainability point of view, business travel is a complex issue. It’s important for building relationships in business. In certain circumstances, meeting people face to face is the most effective and appropriate way of achieving connection. However business travel is damaging to the environment and can be a strain on the health and wellbeing of employees. At the same time, reducing travel can help reduce business costs. As an organisation you need to make the right trade-offs for your business within these considerations.

This section outlines ways to reduce the level of business travel within your organisation as well as looking at viable alternative modes of travel that are less carbon intensive. 

1. Potential Business Travel Savings 

2. Reducing the Amount of Business Travel

3. Alternative Modes of Business Travel 

4. Fleet and Grey Fleet  Management 

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