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Co - Mobility

What is Co-mobility and how can it form part of your Workplace Travel Plan ?

Collaborative mobility (Co-Mobility) provides people with alternative options to private car & bike ownership but with similar levels of independence.

Co-mobility complements public transport and active travel and it is worth considering as part of your organisation's workplace travel planning measures. Shared transport means using shared transport resources such as car clubs, bike share or ride share. 

Co-Mobility services rely more heavily upon the digital infrastructure such as location services and mobile internet than traditional transport options. They also tend to be more flexible and responsive in terms of their ability to develop and react to changing demands. 


Co-mobility typically involves:

either sharing access to a vehicle of some sort for an independent trip

• Cars: car clubs (“carsharing” outside UK), automated rental, peer-to-peer rental and fractional (shared) car ownership
• Bikes: bike sharing and public bike hire
• Scooter sharing

or sharing a journey in the same vehicle:

• ride sharing (or “2+ car sharing”, and often “carsharing”)
• taxi sharing
• “on-demand” mini buses

For more information on the concept of co- mobility and how this could work for your organisation visit COMO UK  or contact them at where they can help you to understand all the possible options open to your employees and point you in the right direction. 


CoMoUK is playing a leading role in the UK’s transition to integrated mobility solutions designed for the public good. CoMoUK supports the development of shared modes:

• Car clubs

• Bike share

• 2+ Ride share & micro transit

• Emerging modes such as “on demand” buses and scooter sharing to enable mobility lifestyles which present an alternative to private car ownership.

This is achieved through advocacy, research and development. CoMoUK was established in 1999 and was previously known as Carplus and Bikeplus.

CoMoUK’s intention is to play a leading role in the UK’s transition to integrated mobility solutions designed for the public good.

CoMoUK works to maximise public benefit of shared modes, car clubs, bike share, 2+ ride share, and emerging modes such as “on demand” buses and scooter sharing, by supporting their development and nurturing innovation.

The charity carries out research to illustrate the impacts of the sector, leads on innovative development projects to maximise benefits to all and facilitates the sharing of best practice. In addition CoMoUK offers technical advice and consultancy services.

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