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Communicating with Employees

Your Travel Plan needs to be inclusive and everyone within the organisation needs to feel that they have an opportunity to feed in and to raise issues/concerns about measures or approaches that you are taking. 

Remember it is not about being anti-car, but rather the emphasis should be on the travel choices that are available and measures to make these more attractive to employees.


Think about: 


Key things to remember when communicating with your employees:

  1. Measures need to be fair, not one rule for management and another for employees.
  2. Processes need to be inclusive, get staff involved from across the organisation.
  3. It is not about being anti –car, but rather about encouraging travel choices.


Highlight the potential benefits to employees:


Opportunity to save money

Employees can save money by making more sustainable travel choices.  Car sharing or buying a season ticket for the bus or train can save an individual large amounts of money.  Then of course there is always cycling and walking which are free. Saving money will be the most motivating message for most people.


Improved levels of health and fitness 

Choosing a more sustainable mode of travel can also help employees to meet their recommended weekly exercise targets and reduce the risk of heart disease. Cycling and walking are low impact exercises that can be included as part of the working day. Even those who use public transport could consider getting off one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way.


Making more of travel time 

Your employees can make more of the downtime of travelling by opting to use public transport. They can use the time to catch up on work, prepare for meetings and catch up on emails or they can relax, read the paper or do the crossword and arrive refreshed and ready to work.


Reducing stress

Choosing a more sustainable mode of travel can also help employees to reduce their stress levels.  Many of us spend hours every week sitting in traffic, this is not only a waste of our time, but also very stressful.  Choosing an alternative mode of travel could allow your employees to reduce stress levels. By cycling or walking to work an individual will feel more in control of the journey times and routes or by using public transport they are letting someone else take the strain of driving.


Opportunity to meet new people

Through car sharing and using public transport there is the opportunity to meet new people. This makes the journey to and from work a much nicer experience, making for happier employees.


Environmental benefits 

By choosing a more sustainable mode of travel, employees are able to do their bit from an environmental point of view. Knowing that they are making a difference in terms of reducing congestion, pollution and lowering CO2 emissions in their local community will make them feel good about themselves. This benefits everyone, as well as our future generations. 


Getting employees to think about what they can do differently:

When communicating with your employees, your key purpose is to prompt them to think about their own travel choices.  It is about getting them to ask themselves the following questions:
  • Is this journey really necessary?
  • Could I combine it with another journey?
  • Could I be travelling with someone else?
  • Could I walk or cycle?
  • Could I catch a bus or train?
  • Could I consider making a change once a week?
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