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Cycling is a good way of keeping fit and active without having to dedicate time to exercise as it can often be fitted into a daily routine.

Fitness levels of regular cyclists are equal to those of people 10 years younger and cycling 20 miles a week reduces the risk of heart disease to less than half that of a non-cyclist who takes no regular exercise.

Cycling is also 70 times more energy efficient than the average car and substantially cheaper to buy and maintain! 2 kilograms of carbon are saved for every short journey made by bike rather than car.

Also, cycling can quite often be quicker than public transport or even a car. In an increasing number of towns and cities across the country, the needs of cyclists are now better catered for with off-road routes and cycle lanes etc. As a result, cycling to work has increased significantly in some places. 10 years ago only about 1% of the working population regularly cycled, nowadays, the figure is approximately 3% and in some places is considerably higher.

The Scottish Government recently published its Cycling Action Plan which sets out a vision of 10% of everyday journeys to be made by bicycle by 2020.

Cycling Scotland has played a key role in developing and progressing the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) and offers more details about CAPS on its website,


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