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Vehicles are driven about 44.8 billion kilometres a year (2014) in Scotland, 78% by car, 20% goods vehicles and just 1.4% by bus and coach. About two thirds of all journeys to work are made by car.

Driving costs are increasing. A new petrol car costing between £18,000 and £25,000 doing 10,000 miles per annum will cost the driver approximately 60 pence per mile. Even excluding 'fixed' costs for purchasing the car, buying insurance and road tax etc. running costs still work out at over 22 pence per mile and sometimes this is more than an equivalent bus or train fare.

Lift sharing is a great way to cut single occupancy trips, however, research has shown that the most effective way to reduce car use is by making car parking more restrictive. The Travel Plan Coordinator can encourage drivers to assess the way they drive through Smarter Driving programmes and encourage people who are thinking about buying a new car to consider lower emission vehicles. 

An organisation that runs a car pool or other fleet vehicles also has the opportunity to run or buy lower emission vehicles rather than relying on employees using their own, possibly higher emission vehicles.  

Car clubs can significantly contribute towards achieving government policy objectives, including those related to reducing private car dependency and use, decarbonising road transport in Scotland and supporting investment in walking, cycling and public transport use. Car Clubs can be useful both for individuals, by providing low cost access to a car or van and for organisations by providing an alternative to pool cars and grey fleet.  

1. "Eco" Driving 

2. Car Parking and Travel Plan Measures 

3. Some Parking Ideas 

4. Different Ways of Charging for Parking 

5. Parking Expenditure

6. Car Clubs and their Benefits

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