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FREE consultancy support available for workplaces

Travelknowhow Scotland are delighted to be able to extend our FREE consultancy support package throughout 2023/24.

This package of support is open to workplaces across Scotland and is designed to provide practical measures to organisations who want to take action to encourage their employees to look at more active and sustainable travel options and work towards net-zero targets.

What type of support can you expect ?

3 days ( 24 hours) of FREE travel planning consultancy support tailored to the requirements of your organisation. This will include: Employee travel survey design and analysis; strategy development and bespoke Active and Sustainable Travel Action Plan with practical measures and signposting to longer term implementation support via network of partners.

Why should you take advantage of this offer?

To develop meaningful and bespoke active and sustainable travel planning measures to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact, improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce and contribute to net-zero targets.

Who is this open to?

Any workplace across Scotland - private, public or 3 rd sector.

How do I register my interest?

Get in touch at to make an expression of interest  ( no more than 200 words) and we will get back to you to arrange to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

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