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Funding Opportunities

There are a number of funding opportunities available across Scotland that are aimed at encouraging and supporting organisations with Travel Planning initiatives.

Take a look at the funding schemes detailed below to see if your organnisation may be eligible to apply for funding. 




Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme (STGS)

The Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme offered via Regional Transport Partnerships across Scotland aims to support and encourage Travel Planning and travel awareness by providing financial assistance to organisations investing in measures aimed at encouraging sustainable travel.

How to apply

Grant amounts and eligibility vary by region. For details of the Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme offered in your region visit the Regional Transport Partnership page.

Sustrans Scotland’s Community Links Grant Programme

Sustrans Scotland‘s Community Links grant programme provides grant funding to local authorities, statutory bodies and educational institutions for the creation of cycle network infrastructure for everyday journeys. The programme is a key component in the delivery of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland vision that “by 2020, 10% of everyday journeys taken in Scotland will be by bike”.

The objectives of the Community Links Programme are to:

• Create infrastructure that encourages people to cycle, walk or use another active travel mode as their preferred mode of travel for everyday journeys;
• Meet the needs of communities: provide communities with the opportunity to shape their local environment and link the places people live in with the places they want to get to;
• Encourage innovation: support partner organisations in raising the standard of infrastructure for walking and cycling in Scotland;
• Encourage placemaking which facilitates greater use of public space and higher levels of active travel;
• Create an enabling environment for active travel that limits the speed and volume of motorised vehicles while improving the walking and cycling experience, such as traffic calming measures and implementing filtered permeability.

The programme is funded through the Transport Scotland Sustainable Transport team within the Scottish Government.

How to apply

For details on project eligibility and how to submit an application visit the Community Links website   You can also contact the Community Links team for advice at or 0131 346 3019.

Funding via Cycling Scotland




Cycling Scotland administer a number of grant schemes on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Cycling Friendly Community development fund

The development fund, financed by Transport Scotland, supports projects which improve cycling facilities and promote cycling for a community, increasing access to bikes and opportunities to cycle. The Cycling Friendly Communities development fund is open to community focused groups who are actively working to increase opportunities for people in the local area to cycle.

Community groups across Scotland can apply for between £2,500 and £20,000 for projects encouraging and supporting communities to take a leading role in increasing the number of people who cycle locally.

Cycling Friendly Employer development fund 

The Cycling Friendly Employer Development Fund, financed by Transport Scotland, provides grants of up to £25,000 per registered workplace for capital projects that encourage staff and visitors to travel by bike. Common projects include installation of secure and sheltered cycle parking; upgrades to shower, changing and drying facilities; purchase of office pool bikes and creation of bike maintenance areas

The fund is open to businesses and organisations in Scotland who are working towards achieving or maintaining Cycling Friendly Employer status.


Climate Challenge Fund

Development Grants are available from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. The Climate Challenge Fund is designed to enable communities to come forward with their own solutions to make a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Projects can involve a range of actions from helping communities to use less energy, walk and cycle more, to local sustainable food production. They can also have an environmental, social and economic dimension to the projects, that give people new skills, improve health, help them to work together or provide better community facilities, but carbon reduction must be at the heart of every proposal and the community at the centre of the decision making.

How to apply 

For details on project eligibility and how to submit an application visit the

Other potential funding opportunities

There are a variety of Scottish Government funding sources available for individuals and community groups who are engaged in or are thinking about getting involved in environmental projects. For further details, visit

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