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Importance of Promoting Your Travel Plan

A Travel Plan is all about winning hearts and minds and that can take time.

It is about selling the benefits to your employees, suppliers and customers.  Marketing is vital in helping to get people onboard and allowing them to see the personal benefits such as time and cost savings, as well as the broader benefits to the organisation and local community.
A Travel Plan is an ongoing strategy, not a one- off, therefore your marketing support needs to take the same approach. It is about regular, long term communication with your staff.

Wording is very important

Remember the wording you use to promote your Travel Plan is very important. The development of a Travel Plan involves change and it is important that your employees are not threatened by the measures within your Travel Plan. Make it clear that a Travel Plan is not anti-car or about banning cars, but rather about offering a greater choice and encouraging people to think about their car use. It needs to be seen as fair
Use words/ phrases like : encourage, support, wider choice.

Constant communication

It is also important to continue to promote your Travel Plan and communicate the success of  the measures that you have implemented, this will give your employees the motivation to continue.   It is about using a range of marketing tools and techniques to get your messages across. This could be everything from incentives and promotions, to poster/leaflet campaigns,  to a newsletter format or through a case study approach, using individuals who have changed their travel habits.

Keeping it fresh

As well as choosing the right language and the right communication channel, it is important that you revitalise your messages over time to keep the interest of your staff and re-ignite their enthusiasm for the Travel Plan.  
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