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Mapping Exercise

If you don’t already have the information, it would be a good idea to undertake a mapping exercise based on employee postcodes. This will allow you to see where employees are travelling from and where you need to direct any travel planning measures. You should be able to access postcode data from HR or payroll departments.

It is particularly useful to see where employees live on a map to identify, for example, which employees live closest to existing bus routes, which employees could be potential car-sharers etc. 

Geographical Information System (GIS) computer software can be used to map out where employees live. Individual employees can be plotted in different colours according to what mode of travel they use to get to and from work.

If your company already uses a GIS programme, it would be relatively easy to take the data from your Employee Travel Survey and run it through the system. Alternatively, if you are interested in merely getting an idea of the geographical distribution of employees, it is likely that your organisation holds postcode information of employees (maybe in spreadsheet format) which could be fed straight into a GIS programme.

If you do not have access to GIS software, there are companies/ consultants which offer such services. A postcode analysis is relatively quick and easy to run and therefore need not be expensive. Alternatively, there may be another company in your neighbourhood which has GIS software and  may be willing to run a post code mapping project  for you.

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