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Monitoring Success

Once your Travel Plan is active you need to regularly monitor the impact of the new measures and/or policies that have been implemented. This will help to determine whether the overall objectives are being met and progress has been made.  Any specific measures and initiatives that are reguarly checked are usually called 'indicators'.

Remember that the monitoring and reviewing of your Travel Plan is a continuous, on-going process, rather than an annual event.

It is a good idea to produce a monitoring plan which sets out your indicators. This will assist you in ensuring that you are collecting all the information required to assess whether your Travel Plan targets are being achieved. It will also help you to identify priority initiatives for your organisation’s Travel Plan going forward.

Here is an outline monitoring plan that you can use as a template for developing your own monitoring plan.

There are numerous ways that you can monitor the progress of your Travel Plan and measure the impact of particular measures and/or policies.

This section gives details of a few methods that you may wish to consider.

1. Employee Travel Survey 


2.  Spot Counts 


3.  Focus Groups


4.  Mapping Exercise 


5.  Review of Business Travel Figures 

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