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Park and Ride locations across Scotland

Park and Ride is a transport option which, through encouraging use of public transport and providing a “seamless” journey for the travelling public fits in well with the Scottish Government objectives for integrated and sustainable transport.

Park and Ride services make it possible for at least part of the trip to be made without a car. This reduces congestion on the approaches to the town and keeps down the amount of space to be given over to traffic and parking in towns and cities.

Most common kinds of park and ride are parking at rail stations and dedicated bus park and ride locations. Park and Ride facilities complement other transport modes such as rail, bus and subway and provides an additional option for travel to many areas.

Park and ride is designed to give people a better alternative car-only journeys. Park and Ride is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, save money help ease congestion and reduce stress (not having to drive or find parking).

Benefits of Park and Ride:

Parking – it can be difficult to find a car parking space in the city centre – park your car at the Park & Ride site most convenient to you and get to your destination hassle-free!

Taking your car is expensive – think of all the costs associated with it – fuel, upkeep of the car, expensive car parking. Why run your car when there is a bus or train going to the same place at the same time? And car parking is free.

Pollution – public transport has less of a negative impact on the environment than taking the car – why not help reduce your “carbon footprint”?

Convenience – Park & Ride services operate at convenient times – there’s a wide range to choose from and there are convenient opening hours for car parks.

Avoid the traffic – leave traffic congestion behind and take advantage of a frequent and fast service that’s comfortable and stress free.


Click here for details of the Park and Ride Facilities across Scotland. Traffic Scotland lists full details of Park and Ride locations across Scotland.

You can also use the Traveline Scotland Journey Planner to find public transport journeys to and from your chosen Park and Ride sites. 

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