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Public Transport

14% of people going to work in Scotland use either a bus or train to get there. In fact a staggering 414 million bus and 92.7 million train trips were made in the year 2014/15. Over 84% of all of Scotland's citizens live within 6 minutes of a bus route and 75% who use buses say they are satisfied with the service they get. Public transport is often closer and of better quality than many non-users perceive!

Public transport should play as big a part as possible in the Travel Plan Coordinator's strategy to encourage change to more sustainable modes of transport, especially for journeys of over 2 miles.

This  section gives suggestions on ways to encourage the use of buses and trains including tips on how to overcome reluctance to change, physical measures to improve access to public transport and public transport ticket and information services. There are also links to local authority contacts and local public transport operators. 

1.   Buses - General Information

2.   Why People Don't Use Buses and How to Overcome this

3.   Advantages of Buses

4.   For Those Not Sure How to Use Buses 

5.   From Workplace to Bus Stop on Foot 

6.    Making Bus and Train Information More Accessible

7.    Encourage Train Use 

8.   Train Operations in Scotland

9.   Information on Public Transport Ticket Options

10. The OneTicket

12.  Traveline Scotland 

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