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Remote Working - how to make it work.


It is crucial to ensure that remote working is as effective and efficient as possible for both businesses and employees.





Stay connected

There are many online video conferencing services available to help us stay connected with colleagues, suppliers and customers.  Here are a few :


There are also a range of online tools that aid collaborative remote working, allowing you to connect and facilitiate remote meetings. Here are a few:

Top tips for ensuring physical and mental wellbeing while working remotely.

It is also equally as important to that we look after our mental and physical well being.  Here are a few suggestions for remote workers.


• Schedule virtual ‘team coffee breaks’ or ‘team lunches’ using the video conferencing services listed above – a chance to check in and catch up socially with employees/colleagues.

• Take regular breaks away from sitting down to stand up and move around your home

• Look for exercises you can do at home on YouTube, such as Paths for All’s strength and training demonstration video

• Keep your windows open to let in fresh air, get some natural sunlight if you can, or get outside into the garden


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