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SEStran is the Regional Transport Partnership for the South East of Scotland.

SEStran works together with the following councils:

• City of Edinburgh Council
• Clackmannanshire Council
• East Lothian Council
• Falkirk Council
• Fife Council
• Midlothian Council
• Scottish Borders Council
• West Lothian Council

The SEStran region covers an area of 3,180sq miles and is home to 28% of Scotland's population. There is a huge diversity of transportation issues within the SEStran partnership area, from urban congestion to rural public transport and from ferry ports to airports. SEStran aims to address these issues and work towards a more sustainable and efficient transport network. The South East of Scotland is the most economically vibrant region in the country.






Travel Plan Collaboration and Promotional Support

SEStran has extensive experience in aiding organisations in creating or implementing a Travel Plan.  A Travel Plan is a package of measures which helps employees and visitors to make sustainable travel choices. Through the process, areas of improvement will become apparent and specific targets for each travel mode should be set. SEStran can provide examples of best practice from across the Region and from our programme of European Projects. Examples include:

CHUMS (Changing Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions), Personalised travel plans and Car Sharing
• Edinburgh University Travel Plans and E-Cycling 
Edinburgh Park

To find out more please contact:

Keith Fisken, Business Partner at SEStran or on 0131 524 5167

Beth Harley-Jepson, Active Travel Officer at SEStran or on 


TripshareSEStran is the South East of Scotland's liftsharing scheme

SEStran sponsors lift sharing schemes throughout South East Scotland through TripshareSEStran Tripshare is the free, web-based lift sharing scheme to link car drivers or passengers who are making similar journeys in South East Scotland and wish to share the costs. The system can also match taxi, cycling or walking journeys. Please click on the link to find the Tripshare scheme for your area.

Real time passenger information- transforming bus travel in the region

BustrackerSEStran aims to make bus travel easier for everyone by providing real-time information for bus services, including all of First and Stagecoach, in the south east of Scotland. Information is available online at or available via a mobile app.

To expand availability of the live bus times, SEStran has received funding from Transport Scotland to implement digital signage in public and commercial buildings to display live travel times. The signs are flexible and adaptable and can be used to display varying relevant information alongside the live travel times.

For more information about SEStran’s RTPI initiative, click here.

Cycle Training

Working closely with Cycling Scotland, SEStran now have an embedded Cycling Scotland Officer who can offer your organisation support toward cycle training. Of those who take part in an organised cycling training programme, many continue to cycle thereafter and even progress to cycling to work. Cycling Scotland offer a number of different training courses to support anyone back onto a bike or encourage others to do so.

Essential Cycling Skills are a suite of resources to help boost the confidence of those new to or returning to cycling and give them the necessary skills to negotiate on-road journeys, consisting of a free downloadable app, online training guide, and three short training videos. In partnership with regional outlets, Cycling Scotland now offers a two and a half hour course designed to offer bike handling skills and confidence on-road.
For those who are confident cyclists, and wish to support and encourage others back onto a bike, Cycle Ride Leader training is an opportunity to lead groups or assist groups on routes that you have pre-prepared. Whether you organise a slow, moderate or fast paced ride, whether it’s for beginners, to get to know your colleagues or for those looking for a challenge, cycling has many benefits for you and your colleagues.

For further information, please contact our Embedded Cycling Scotland Officer Peter Jackson or on 0131 524 5155

Become a Cycle Friendly Employer

This nationally recognised award is for Scottish organisations committed to increasing cycling. The aim of this award:
• providing tools and incentives to promote cycling in the workplace
• rewarding those organisations already working hard to increase workplace cycling
• providing ‘best practice’ guidance on commuting
• providing a tool to help improve a sustainable travel plan

By registering for the Cycle Friendly Employer Award, you can receive one to one support from a service centre representative and develop an action plan to increase cycling at your workplace. For further information, please contact our Embedded Cycling Scotland Officer Peter Jackson or on 0131 524 5155

SEStran Thistle Assistance Card

SEStran are committed to promoting equality and diversity. We want an open and inclusive South East of Scotland and SEStran in terms of opportunity to provide accessible transport infrastructure and information, making services inclusive and reflecting this within our own organisational workforce and governance. To further support employees with disabilities to sustainably travel to work, SEStran has developed the Thistle Assistance Card to make using public transport easier for those with disabilities or illness. The card, which is supported by a wide variety of voluntary organisations in South East Scotland and by most bus operators, is credit-card sized and comes with a supply of peel-off stickers, which advise the driver of a passenger’s disability and the help that they require in an easy-to-read format. To find out more, please visit

To download the Thistle Card app visit:  iOS  or Android

Find out more about SEStran and its work in addressing sustainable transport and travel issues by visiting or via email at


3D Bridge
Victoria Quay
0131 524 5150 


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