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Travel Plan Coordinator's Role

The Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC) is the main driving force behind development and implementation of a Travel Plan.

It is best to nominate one person with day to day responsibility for the Travel Plan and that way everyone in the organisation, as well as external contacts, will have one main point of contact. It needs to be someone who is able to juggle a number of tasks and still remain focused.

The Travel Plan Coordinator could be an existing member of staff tasked with additional duties or somebody that is specifically appointed to the role.


The time they need to implement the Travel Plan will depend on how many things there are to do in the Plan, the timescales, responsibilities assigned to the Travel Plan Coordinator and the amount of help they can get from other individuals.

Senior Management must appreciate that it may take several years of hard work by one individual to make a significant difference in travel patterns.

The Travel Plan Coordinator’s remit is to oversee the development, launch, operation and monitoring of the Travel Plan and to help introduce relevant site specific measures.

The Travel Plan Coordinator is best placed to liaise with other local organisations who might also be interested in adopting mutually beneficial measures (for example a joint car sharing scheme), as well as local public transport operators and council transport officials.

Amongst other things the Travel Plan Coordinator will;

  • Maintain support of senior management, employees and the unions.
  • Coordinate travel surveys, data collection and analysis.
  • Establish, coordinate and attend steering groups.
  • Act as a point of contact for employees.
  • Prepare the budget.
  • Manage awareness raising campaigns.
  • Monitor and report progress.

The Travel Plan Coordinator needs to be the leading ‘Champion for the Cause’, demonstrating enthusiasm, negotiating skills and an ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels.

Other qualities needed are likely to include:

  • An ability to lead by example.  The Travel Plan Coordinator should make efforts to use public transport, car share or walk or cycle whenever possible.
  • Be popular amongst employees and command respect.  After all the Travel Plan Coordinator will be trying to change his or her colleagues travel habits.
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