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Traveline Scotland


Traveline Scotland provides public transport information by phone and the internet for journeys by all forms of bus, train, air, ferry, coach and the underground.

Traveline Scotland is a useful tool to have to hand. It offers a range of services, such as:

Timetables – Find, customise and print a timetable

This is useful if you already know the bus service you want to get times for. After typing in the date and time you want to travel together with the bus service number, every bus service in Scotland with that same bus service number will appear. Confirm which is the correct service. This will bring up the closest (in time) departures scheduled for that service. The times shown will be for ‘timing points’, that is, times the bus is scheduled to call at certain key bus stops on its route. If you want to know the scheduled time at a bus stop that is not a timing point then click on ‘change listed stops’. In the next menu click ‘choose all stops’. Choose ‘view saved stops’ to see times for bus stops between timing points. You can switch off any of the bus stops you're not interested in because you might only be interested in your departure point and arrival point and print out you own customised version of the timetable. You can also print out a PDF version of the whole timetable.

Journey Planner – Create and print a personal travel plan

Useful especially if you are unfamiliar with the public transport network or your journey is relatively complex requiring a change on the way such as one bus to another or bus to train etc. As with all journey planners it helps if you know the postcode or address of the places between which you intend to travel. You can click to ‘confirm the location’ which brings up a map highlighting the points recognised from the information you provided.  

The journey planner also provides you with fare information too. 

Free ‘Bulk’ Journey Planner for a Website

It's possible to create personalised journey plans for up to thousands of individuals using Traveline Scotland’s ‘Bulk Journey Planner’. And it's free. It might be a useful marketing and awareness raising exercise for the Travel Plan Coordinator to provide staff with personal journey plans for their journey to work. Any organisation or business that has large numbers of individuals travelling to and from its premises (including across multiple sites) can generate there own personal public transport journey plans. Examples include employee and visitor trips as well as one-off large scale events such as conferences.

Using the Bulk Journey Planner is simple. Users register on the Traveline Scotland. They then download a spreadsheet template and fill in some basic traveller details including postcodes (or location data), dates and times of travel etc. The user then sends their file to the journey planning server using a secure upload facility. The user is notified by email when their journey plans are available to collect as a ZIP file, or Traveline Scotland will email directly to travellers as PDF attachments. Users can create up to 1000 journey plans at any one time, however once a batch has been produced more traveller information can be uploaded and more journey plans created. The Bulk Journey planner is free to all end users. Terms and conditions require to be agreed.  

My Bus Stop Times – Find Next Departures from a Stop

Every bus stop in Scotland has a unique 8-digit reference number. Sometimes these are shown on the bus stops themselves however it is possible to find and save the number from the Traveline Scotland.  Click on the My Bus Stop Times link and either enter the location, bus service number or better still the unique code number and the closest scheduled departures to the date and time you are interested in will be displayed.

Txt2traveline – Bus Times Direct to a Mobile Phone

By texting an 8-digit bus stop reference code to the txt2traveline number you will get back the departure times of the next few buses from your chosen stop. Furthermore, messages can be customised to pick a particular destination, a specific bus service, time period or date. For more details go to Traveline Scotland

Carbon Calculator

Traveline Scotland also provides a useful link to a carbon calculator to allow comparison of CO2 emissions for any particular journey.

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