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eBike – the game-changer!

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Carole Jackman, Community Physiotherapist, Inverness.

Carole is based at the RNI and works in the community three days a week, making trips all across Inverness.

She says: “I’ve been cycling for years. After trying out an ebike through the ActiveTravel Project and loving it I bought my own through the staff cycle to work scheme.

I then sold my car and now I make all my short trips by ebike, to do my bit for the environment. It’s much cheaper too of course.

Since starting work in Inverness I use the RNI pool ebike for travelling to my visits as much as possible as I don't have a car available for worktrips now.

I do around 40 miles a week. It takes about the same time as driving, or is even quicker. I also find it more relaxing than driving, and better for my physical and mental health. It reduces work mileage costs too. I would highly recommend travel by e-bike to anyone!”

The Active Travel Engagement Project is a partnership between NHS Highland and Sustrans whichsupports staff to be more active for everyday journeys.

Would you like to encourage more active and sustainable travel choices across your organisation?

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