NHS Highland / Sustrans Active Travel Engagement Project

Mix it up! Train + Bike

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David Porter, Radiotherapy Physicist, Raigmore Hospital.

Dave lives in Muir of Ord with his family and works at Raigmore.

He travels to work by train, taking his bike to get to and from thestation at each end of the trip. This means that they can be a one-car household, which brings significant savings.

Dave says: “I’d far rather be on the train than behind the wheel of a car in the commuter traffic! I can doze, read a book or catch up with stuff on my phone. I enjoy the daily exercise from the short bike ride at each end.

I bought a new road bike through the staff cycle to work scheme acouple of years ago - you pay less for the bike, and you spread the cost over 12, 18 or 24 monthly payments which is a real help. And I don’t have to go through the stress of finding a parking space at Raigmore, which is a real bonus! It’s good to know I’m leaving a space for someone who really needs it.”

The Active Travel Engagement Project is a partnership between NHS Highland and Sustrans which supports staff to be more active for everyday journeys.

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