Marc Couttie, Finance Manager

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems Ltd

Support to understand more about current travel patterns of workforce

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Project Timeline

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems Ltd

To  help MacIntyre Chocolate Systems Ltd to understand more about current and anticipated travel patterns within the workforce following the pandemic and gauge the appetite for active and sustainable travel measures amongst their workforce.

Project Execution

What Travelknowhow Scotland delivered

Travelknowhow Scotland were able to provide the organisation with 20 hours of FREE travel planning consultancy time. The project started with the development and implementation of an online employee travel survey to understand travel patterns as well as the inclusion of other sustainability related questions.  Analysis of the survey data formed the basis of a summary report with suggested travel planning measures based on the key findings.



Following this summary report, MacIntyre Chocolate Systems Ltd have gone on to implement a number of measures including the establishment of a cycle to work scheme which covers bike and e-bikes , an informal car sharing scheme with 4 individuals from the factory and they are in the process of implementing an EV salary sacrifice scheme viaOctopus. MacIntyre Chocolate Systems Ltd have also been successful in securing funding from Cycling Scotland to install new, lockable bike shelters on site and there are also plans to install showers in the factory.


The organisation are also planning a Wellbeing event in the coming months to encourage more active travel options and promote a healthier lifestyle amongst its workforce.

Marc Couttie, Finance Manager at MacIntyre Chocolate System.

“The external support that TKHS provided to develop and analyse the employee travel survey results and provide suggested travel planning measures was veryuseful indeed. TKHS were able tohighlight key opportunities for us and suggest meaningful targets that providedus with a much needed focus to drive forward key initiatives to encourageactive and sustainable travel - we arealready starting to see a shift in travel behaviour amongst members of theworkforce which is really encouraging.”

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