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On Yer Bike! - March 2020 

Almost everybody can remember that first time they got on a bicycle. Most of us start out with a little bike, complete with training wheels and a full armour set of elbow guards, a helmet, and knee pads. It was such a rush and marked a significant milestone in many a kid’s life. But as we get older and our enthusiasm and lack of boundless energy or adventure diminishes, recapturing that feeling gets harder and most of us just settle for the memories.

The good news is, all is not lost. There’s a new way to get ‘on yer bike’ that will reignite those youthful memories in a way that fuses the joy of riding a bike with the convenience of safe, electric power where your age is not a determining factor – the eBike.

While eBikes may have been slower to catch on in some places due to our continued reliance on cars — eBikes have become hugely popular in large cities across the globe, particularly in Europe and Asia where there are almost 500 million eBikes in use. That accounts for over a quarter of all bicycles in these continents! Scotland is now a leading country in the uptake of eBikes thanks to the Scottish government announcing the second round of its eBike Grant Fund designed to help organisations, universities and communities to purchase e-bikes either through direct grants or match funding. The funding is designed to help people across Scotland benefit from e-bikes in an affordable way. But, maybe you don’t want to jump in and buy an eBike right away. Well, that’s not a problem as there are many eBike suppliers who are now offering trials and even rentals so you can experience eBiking for yourself before you decide to buy.

Last June, the Scottish charity, Forth Environment Link, launched Scotland’s largest electric bike hire scheme called Forth Bike. The £500,000 initiative was funded by Transport Scotland, NHS Forth Valley, SESTRAN, Clackmannanshire Council, Stirling Council and Falkirk Council. It includes twelve bike hire charging stations. The first fleet was based at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and is also part of an NHS study.

Forth Bike provides an easily accessible way for people to explore the Forth Valley. With 9 docking stations currently installed across Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire, our system allows both commuters and leisure cyclists to access electric bikes with ease. Forth Bike's Pedelec assistance allows our users to benefit from all of the advantages of cycling, while not having to worry about the impact of hills, or the strain a long ride may have on your body.
On a full charge, Forth Bikes can provide you with assistance for 60 miles. To find out more about the scheme, and how to register for it, please visit

There are many benefits to eBiking. The most obvious and long-term benefit is to your health. And it’s not just your physical health, your mental health is also greatly improved. Age and ability is much less of a factor with eBikes. The social factor is also a benefit as more people of all ages are creating clubs for eBike leisure riding and for a landscape with many hills, electric bikes are a big benefit advantage over conventional bicycles. Then, there is the cost saving benefit rather than using the car.

Of-course one of the most important benefits to us all is how by changing our mode of transport we can help to regenerate and appreciate our environment by reducing our carbon emissions that directly affects our climate and air quality. By changing how we travel to our places of work we can directly and positively impact our future.

If you would like to learn more about eBikes, e-bike trial schemes / renting or purchasing an e-bike, get in touch with us at Travelknowhow Scotland. We’d be happy to help and get you back ‘on yer bike’! Happy pedalling.

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