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Working from home ? How is it going ?

We are all living in uncertain times, the world has changed in a matter of weeks and as such we are all adjusting to new daily challenges in terms of self-isolation and social distancing.

COVID 19 has made the adoption of flexible and remote working for many of us a necessity – the new normal and this will no doubt have a lasting impact on the way we work going forward.

We understand that the independence that you can feel when working from home is matched with very real challenges around managing the technology, maintaining productive, staying connected with colleagues as well as juggling family commitments with children at home. And during these unprecedented times, there are additional stresses around restrictions on our movement, job security and general uncertainty about what the future holds.

As businesses and employees across the world adapt to remote working we are keen to hear how YOU are adjusting.

• How are you coping ?
• Are you adapting to the technology ? What is working best for you ?
• What are you finding most challenging?
• Are there elements of your “new remote working” routine that you would like to keep going forward?
What have been the real positives so far for you? Not having a stressful commute, more time with family, new skills in terms of time management/ communications or technology skills ?

We are all in a period of transition, finding our way and trying to make the best of the current situation. It is always good to know that we are not alone.

Here, Shirley Paterson from Forth Environment Link shares her experiences and lots of handy hints and tips. Thanks Shirley.

Finally, as we all know, it is important that we try to maintain our physical and mental health and wellbeing during this crisis. Current advice is that we can still be outside, at a safe social distance. Walking the dog, going for a run or a bike ride are all allowed providing that you keep your distance. So where you can, try to fit some exercise into your new working from home routine – you will feel better for it.

Let’s support each other through these challenging times and share our experiences.

It would be great to hear any advice, hint or tips that you want to share. Get in touch with us via Facebook or LinkedIn or via email at


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