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Lift Sharing

Lift sharing is when two or more people use the same vehicle to make all or part of a journey together. The terms "lift sharing", "journey sharing" and "car sharing" are often interchangable. Travelknowhow Scotland will use the term "lift sharing".

Sharing's become a popular way to keep fuel, parking fees, vehicle depreciation and other costs down. It can be both formal, where journeys are organised through a formal lift share scheme, or informal, where friends, colleagues or family members agree to travel together.

Visit your Regional Transport Partnership page for details of the lift sharing scheme that is in operation in your region of Scotland. 

Lift sharing is also an effective way to reduce congestion and demand for parking spaces. It also helps cut energy use and keep CO2 and other emissions down.

1. Benefits of Lift Sharing 

2. Types of Lift Sharing Database

3. Measures to Support Lift Sharing 

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