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Improving Pedestrian Links

What are the pedestrian facilities like within the grounds of your site and in the surrounding area?

To promote walking as a form of travel it's important for people to feel safe and that routes are convenient and attractive places to be.

Can people walk directlly between building entrances/ exits and the site boundary? Is there a direct line to footways, bus stops, local shops and other facilities? Do pedestrians need to take long, circuitous routes to reach their destination?

Is there adequate lighting on site and on roads around the site and can people cross roads safely to reach the places they want to get to?

Here is a checklist of considerations the Travel Plan Coordinator should consider with regards to pedestrian access.

Conduct an audit of the site. Walk the pedestrian routes on and adjacent to the site and make a note of the issues that exist that could potentially be a barrier to attracting pedestrians.

Get back up for your findings and thoughts on any improvements needed by talking to people in your organisation and asking them to accompany you on your 'site audit' around the grounds and beyond. Get the views of your Walking Action Group   and prepare a list of improvements to take to your Senior Management. This should be the same list you put together  as you consider access to public transport.     

Include in your list any improvements that may be required beyond the limits of your site that the Local Authority may need to act on. The local authority will be more likely to make changes if your organisation demonstrates a commitment to improving the facilities within their own boundaries.

 You may also need to discuss potential improvements with the landlord or agent for your premises. If this is the case, talk over the issues with any other tenants on the premises first and try to come to a consensus view on what needs to change.

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